The Special Envoy to the Secretary-General on Yemen (SESG)

unct-ye-sesg-meeting-image-2016Yemen Peace Talks, Geneva, December 2015. UN Photo; Right photo: UN Photo/Jean Marc Ferré


The Special Envoy of the Secretary-General (SESG) for Yemen is leading the UN’s efforts to build consensus towards a political agreement in order to end the fighting in the country.

In February 2018, United Nations Secretary‑General António Guterres appointed Martin Griffiths of the United Kingdom as his Special Envoy for Yemen. Mr. Griffiths brings extensive experience in conflict resolution, negotiation, mediation and humanitarian affairs, having worked with the UN and other International Organizations. He was also the founding Director of the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue in Geneva, where he specialized in developing political dialogue between governments and insurgents in a range of countries across Asia, Africa and Europe.

Since its establishment in 2011, the Office of the Special Envoy for Yemen (OSESGY), has been working with relevant stakeholders in Yemen and the region, to stop the violence and bring the country back to a peaceful and orderly political process. It endeavors to support the implementation of the Gulf Cooperation Council Initiative, the outcomes of the National Dialogue, and relevant Security Council resolutions.