United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat)

unct-ye-un-habitat-meeting-amman-eu-funding-participants-national-governorate-city-selection-imageA Consultation meeting organized by UN-Habitat in Amman to discuss the selection of cities in Yemen that will develop city and neighbourhood profiling. (Photo: UN-Habitat)


UN-Habitat, the United Nations Human Settlements Programme, is mandated by the UN General Assembly to promote socially and environmentally sustainable towns and cities. It is the focal point for all urbanization and human settlement matters within the UN system.

In Yemen, UN-Habitat launched the project  “Rapid City and Neighbourhood Profiling Towards a Development Oriented Urban Recovery Process in Yemen”, funded by the European Union. This project that represents the start of UN-Habitat Programme in Yemen and the base for proper planning for recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction in Yemen cities in accordance with the concept of “Building Back Better”. City Profiles are considered a means to address the risks and reality of the humanitarian crises, to mitigate impacts on the most vulnerable, including the displaced, and to enable affected people to determine the course of their futures. They represent an instrument for fostering recovery and contribute to stabilization by empowering urban communities, their leaders and members while in turn guiding investments and capacity building towards this objective. In addition UN-Habitat is starting soon an Emergency Rehabilitation of damaged houses in Al-Hodeidah.