UN Development Programme (UNDP)

unct-ye-undp-girl-image-2016(Photo: Sebastian Villar, UNDP)


UNDP works in more than 170 countries and territories, helping to eradicate poverty, and reduce inequalities and exclusion.

The unraveling of the political transition into full scale war has effectively diminished investments and developmental gains from the past, leaving the population and Yemen’s institutions in severe vulnerability and fragility.

Through its long-standing presence, UNDP supports the people of Yemen in protecting and regaining control of their lives. UNDP priorities for Yemen are:

  1. Economic Recovery: UNDP is now helping youth, women and communities restore lost livelihoods and income. UNDP supports social business opportunities responding to people’s wartime needs such as waste collection, provide water and power sources, food production and health services.
  2. Restoring Basic Services: UNDP will work with communities and local authorities to restore basic services, enhance social cohesion and improve community security and dispute resolution. Restoring government and private sector capacity in relief and recovery efforts is key in this effort.
  3. Clearing Mines and UXOs: Conflict-affected areas are scattered with unexploded ordnance and mines. UNDP supports national capacity to clear mines and UXOs from critical social infrastructure, residential and farming areas, and to assist victims. Coordination of clearance by international actors is also key in the support.

Supporting a Peaceful Solution: UNDP facilitates dialogues among community leaders and respected persons from diverse social groups to build trust and peace among society.