UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)

unct-ye-unodc-training-crime-scene-examination-bomb-attack-imageUNODC Training on Crime Scene Examination Following a Bomb Attack (Photo: UNODC)


UNODC is mandated to fight transnational organized crime, illicit trafficking, terrorism, drug trafficking and corruption, and therefore assists Member States in the ratification and implementation of related international instruments and in developing  new norms and standards in various areas, such as criminal justice systems, prisons, etc.

UNODC Programme in Yemen falls under the Regional Office for the Middle East and North Africa. Under its Regional Programme for the Arab States to Prevent and Combat Crime, Terrorism and Health Threats and Strengthen Criminal Justice Systems in Line with International Human Rights Standards. UNODC supports these efforts through five subprogrammes: 1) combating organized crime; 2) countering terrorism; 3) combating corruption and financial crimes; 4) criminal justice and crime prevention, and; 5) prevention of drug use, treatment and care of drug use disorders and HIV/AIDS prevention and care.

UNODC had assisted the Government of Yemen in developing its Strategy on Drug Control, Crime Prevention, and Criminal Justice Reform 2013- 2015 and its legal and institutional framework to combat human trafficking, in addition to promoting closer regional cooperation.  Currently, UNODC's technical assistance in Yemen in the field of terrorism prevention is focused on enhancing the national criminal justice response to terrorism threats. In this regard, the capacity building programmes undertaken by UNODC are focused on harmonizing national counter terrorism legislation with international counter terrorism legal instruments, and on enhancing the capacity of criminal justice and law enforcement officers to conduct more efficient investigation, prosecution and adjudication of terrorism related cases. Soon, UNODC will start working with the Yemeni Coast Guards to build their capacity on countering illicit trafficking.