Online Competition to celebrate the International Volunteer Day in Sana'a (5 December 2018)

Theme:  Volunteers Build Resilient Communities

Type of Activity: Online Competition

Targeted Audience:  Youth, Women and all the Yemeni Population  

UNV Yemen invites participants to contribute to the IVD of 2018 by preparing a short video (maximum 1.5 minute), a short story/narration with a picture (maximum 500 words), or a poem (maximum 300 words), that covers one of the following topics:

1)       Volunteerism and Resilient Communities

2)       You are a volunteer in Yemen, please tell us your story

3)       Volunteerism in Yemen

4)       Online volunteerism

5)       Women Volunteers in Yemen

6)       Youth and Volunteerism

7)       Volunteers supporting civil society’s and NGO work in Yemen

8)       Local Volunteering (e.g.: tribal volunteering or any other form of volunteering within local communities)

How to participate

Before making your contribution, we encourage you to visit the UN Volunteers website (, UNV Yemen pages on Facebook and Twitter to find background information about the topic of your choice from the above list.

More specifically, we advise you to take a look at the State of the World Volunteerism Report 2018 (SWVR 2018) and the regional report, which presents some interesting findings about volunteerism in the world, and highlights the relationship between volunteerism and community resilience (for the Arabic version please click here). This can help you relate your work to the findings of the report within the Yemeni context. Some of the findings of the report include:

1.       Local volunteerism is a fundamental resilience strategy and a property of resilient communities. The Arab States have about 8.9 million full time equivalent volunteers, 8.2% of the global volunteer workforce. This means that there is a great potential for drawing on local volunteers’ support in facing development challenges.

2.       Local volunteerism enables collective strategies for managing risks. Informal volunteering, happening directly between persons, is more flexible and responsive than both formal organizational volunteering as well as institutional development and humanitarian programmes. 83 % of all volunteering is done informally/directly

3.       Volunteerism is particularly significant for vulnerable and marginalized groups, but its costs and benefits are not always distributed equitably. For example, in the Arab States, women are more likely to take on majority of informal volunteering, around 55.4%, which tends to be lower status and less well supported, in extension of their domestic and community caring roles. The SWVR2018 also shows that young volunteers are involved in addressing community challenges everywhere, but they often face additional constraints in fully utilizing their talents.

4.        Effective collaboration with volunteers can transform volunteering from a coping mechanism to a strategic resource for community resilience.

Then, follow the following steps:

1.       Prepare a video, a story or a poem within the topic of your choice from the above, following the mentioned specifications;

2.       It can be in Arabic or English;

3.       Submit your contribution by November 30, 2018, Mid night Sana’a time by sending an e-mail to: For large files, please upload Google Drive and share the link with us via the email above.  

4.       Put the full name of the owner of the work clearly in English and Arabic as written in the Identification card or passport.

5.       The youth who do not have ID cards yet can use their birth certificates.

UNV Yemen Assessment Committee will choose (up to) 10 works as finalists and publish them on UNV Yemen Facebook and Twitter pages. These finalists will get a UNV Certificate of Appreciation as finalists.

The committee also will choose (up to) 20 works as second runners and will publish them in the UNV Facebook and Twitter pages. The second runners will get a UNV Certificate of Appreciation as second runners.

UNV Yemen will announce the results on the International Voluntary Day 5th   December through UNV Yemen pages on Facebook and Twitter. By UNV Yemen will publish the finalists’ work on the 5th of December  and the next days of the event as appropriate.

Who can participate?

Any Yemeni national aged 15 years or above resident in Yemen. It is also possible to submit a contribution under the name of an NGO or a group of individuals as a team work.

UN staff members are excluded from the competition. National and International Yemeni NGO staff are welcome to participate.


UNV Yemen has the right to change or cancel this competition without prior notice. Selection of finalists and second runners is subject to the conditions above, and to the Committee’s sole assessment of the submitted work’s suitability for publishing.

Members of the Committee will include

1)       UNV Programme Analyst based in Sanaa (Chairman)

2)       UN Volunteer working with UNDP Sanaa

3)       UN Volunteer working with UNDP Sanaa

4)       UN Volunteer working with UN Clinic based in Sanaa

5)       UN Volunteer working with UNDP Aden

6)       UN Volunteer working with UNDP Aden

7)       UN Volunteer working with UN Resident Coordinator Office based in Amman 

8)       UN Volunteer working with UNFPA Aden

9)       UN Volunteer working with OCHA based in Amman