Otrah, a Role Model Beekeeper Entrepreneur for All Women

Otrah, a Role Model Beekeeper Entrepreneur for All Women (Photo: UNDP Yemen)

Otrah , 24, a young women who lives in a very small house in Aslam district owns 30 bee hives and sells honey to different markets and individuals in Hajjah city.

“Currently, I have 30 bee hives. The annual average sale for one hive is 20,000 YR which makes my annual revenue grows into 600,000 YR. With this money, I can managed providing life basic needs for my family”

Otrah saved money through the rapid employment activities- Cash for Work. She also received Life and Business Skills training in complement to her income generating activity. Part of her training, which was conducted under the supervision and coaching of a professional consultant, included Simple Business Plan Development and Basic Marketing Concepts.

Otrah life took a new turn when she found out about UNDP 3x6 approach - part of the EU-funded Enhanced Rural Resilience in Yemen ERRY Joint programme. ERRY- UNDP 3x6 approach gives a golden opportunity to many young entrepreneurs especially women who want empower and accomplish their dreams of becoming more independent and responsible. 

When Otrah was young, she learnt the skills of keeping bees from her father who used to have his own hives farm, but since she got married and moved into her husband who has lost his job due to the current situation in Yemen, the quality of her life massively deteriorated. Otrah inherited the bees keeping skills but does not have money or resources that could help her build her life- dream bee hive farm.  

“I remember when I first heard of this programme, I eagerly hurried to register, but I was asked to provide my personal ID or pay a thousand YR to get one. Back then, neither I nor my husband could afford to pay such a petty cash” 

Despite the extreme poverty and hardship, Otrah determination and continuing in a course of action without regards to discouragement and previous failure has eventually paid off as she is now a successful honey keeper entrepreneur.

“I first started my project with 16 honey hives provided by ERRY JP, but in less than a year, I managed to have 30 hives. If you want to ask me how this turning point has positively impacted our life, then you simply need to see how my little two kids has become happier and healthier”

Enhanced Rural Resilience in Yemen (ERRY) programme is a joint-initiative funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by FAO, ILO, UNDP and WFP in four governorates in Yemen (Hajjah, Hodeidah, Lahj and Abyan). The three-year joint programme aims to enhance the resilience and self-reliance of crisis-affected rural communities through support to livelihoods stabilization, food security, local governance, social cohesion and improved access to sustainable energy.