Yemeni Women’s Pact for Peace and Security (Tawafaq) Gathers in Amman

Lise Grande, the UN’s Resident Coordinator / Humanitarian Coordinator for Yemen called this planning exercise “invaluable”. (Photo: UN Women)

8 March 2018 – Members of Tawafaq, the Yemeni Women’s Pact for Peace and Security, concluded an eight-day gathering in Amman last Tuesday with a clearer understanding of their role in Yemen’s peace process.

The gathering dovetails with International Women’s Day, which this year emphasizes the power of rural and urban activists in transforming women’s lives towards peace.

The 56 members attending Tawafaq’s third regular gathering represent a wide array of political and social groups from rural and urban areas, but are united in calling for an end to the war.

“I am honoured to be working with this amazing group of women, who are carving out a new way for women to be included in the peace process. They provide an example of how individuals can cross enormous ideological and political divides to reach consensus. It is an example to us all,” said Marta Colburn, Country Programme Manager, UN Women Yemen.

Members outlined a strategy for a number of possible scenarios in the next period in Yemen, and the steps they will take to push for peace and for inclusion in the peace process in each eventuality.

Lise Grande, the UN’s Resident Coordinator / Humanitarian Coordinator for Yemen, attended the gathering on the last day and called this planning exercise “invaluable”.

“Peace processes that include women have a far greater chance of delivering lasting peace than peace processes that do not include women. The discussions Tawafaq members have had and the work they have done here is a vital step in the journey to lasting peace in Yemen,” said Ms. Grande.

“The UN promises you that there will be a unified, single effort to bring peace to your country and to address the humanitarian suffering.”

The Tawafaq project is part of UN Women’s programme to advocate for Yemeni women's increased participation in and leadership of official peace processes, and to enhance gender equality perspectives in peacebuilding and reconstruction processes in the country. These efforts are in support of UN Security Council Resolution 1325, which reaffirms the role of women in the prevention and resolution of conflicts.

Tawafaq’s activities are implemented through UN Women’s Yemen office with funding from the Governments of the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.